Wiseguy Brings a Taste of New York Pizzas to Arlington


If you’ve been searching for New York–style pizza in the area, you’re in luck: Wiseguy Pizza just opened a location in Pentagon City, serving up NYC–style pizza by the slice and the pie.

Wiseguy takes pride in their pizza and it shows. The dough is handmade, and each pie is cooked in a traditional stone oven over 500 degrees. The result is a thin, crispy base that has the perfect amount of fluff in the crust. Ingredients are sourced from the places that are best at making them. The cheese comes from Wisconsin, tomatoes from California, and parmesan from Italy. You can taste the difference in each bite!

The menu boasts standard pies like margherita and buffalo chicken, but they also get creative. One of the favorites is the paneer tikka pizza made with masala sauce as the base. Another is the Korean chicken pie with sweet and spicy house-made sauce and sesame dressing. Try them all to determine which is your favorite. They’re currently open for dining and are also offering contactless pickup.