Meet Some Friends From The Wellington at Bluemont Park Disc Golf Course


Now that summer is here, everyone is always talking about where they are golfing this weekend. Don’t have the clubs (or the skills) to head out for a tee time? The Bluemont Park Disc Golf Course is the spot for you. Disc golf is a fun, interactive sport where flying discs take the place of golf balls, and your arm is the club. Just like in regular golf, the lowest number of strokes (or throws) wins, but you’re aiming for a raised, chain-linked basket instead of a tiny hole. Bluemont Park has everything set up for you to try this unique sport, along with plenty of other amenities for a full day of fun.

Bring your own Frisbee and some pals to try the Disc Golf Course, and don’t forget all of the other courts, fields, and trails the park has to offer. Bluemont Park has enough space and activities for an entire summer of games, picnics, and more. Find the park between Wilson and Arlington Boulevard, just east of Seven Corners.